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Balding of the Crown

Are you suffering from thinning or balding on the crown of your head?

Losing hair anywhere on the head can affect self confidence. Crown balding is one of the most common types of hair loss, and unfortunately most often occurs as part of the natural part of the ageing process; mostly affecting men it can often make them look older than their years.

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Try non-surgical hair loss treatment for crown balding

Non-surgical hair loss treatment will rejuvenate the look of the crown, giving you a complete and realistic look from crown to hairline. Our treatment involves replicating the look of real shaven hair by depositing tiny pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The treatment provides a quick and effective solution, and can be repeated should your hair loss continue.

Progress can be seen straight away, even after just one treatment, leaving sufferers of crown balding to be able to rebuild their confidence from day one. Our clients are booked ­in on a one­ a­ day basis meaning you'll have complete discretion, comfort and the focus of our qualified technician on the day of your treatment.

Are you suffering from balding of the crown? Make an appointment to come and discuss your Non-surgical hair loss treatment today. Your first consultation is free.

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