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We understand any kind of hair loss treatment can seem like a daunting concept but we are here to educate and reassure you. The Shavenlook Clinic© pride themselves on giving you the best advice and will inform you of the process and all the details of the treatment, leaving you to then make a balanced decision based on all the information. Our consultations are completely free of charge with no obligation.

The Non-surgical hair loss treatment process usually takes place over 3-5 separate sessions. The first session is likely to last between 3-4 hours depending on your individual needs. It is recommended you have your second session within 7-10 days. The second session is focused on perfecting the density and any slight adjustments to the hairline. The third session is ideally 6-8 weeks later, the following sessions are dependant on how the pigment has settled to the individual's scalp.

After Care Guidance

The Shavenlook Clinic© will provide you with the complete aftercare advice. We would recommend avoiding any intense exercise that may encourage heavy sweating for at least 7 days after treatment and the scalp should not be washed or shaved for 4 days. We would recommend minimal exposure to the sun but if unavoidable you should use high-factor sunscreen. Swimming pools should also be avoided, a more in-depth full aftercare guide will be provided at the end of your first session.

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